Yaren Makina Cooling Tunnel;

Food and beverage product manufacturers make the filling process more efficient by filling containers with hot product to kill bacteria, increase product shelf life and reduce product viscosity.

Cooling the containers after hot filling is very important to preserve the flavor and nutritional value of the product. It also assists in labeling and transporting bottles along the production line. When a glass or plastic bottle is hot, the adhesive glue used for labeling is prevented from hardening, causing the labels to move or fall off. Cooling will allow the adhesive to adhere and make the bottles safer to handle as workers will not be exposed to high temperature products.

Yaren Makina Cooling Tunnel offers a solution for the cooling of hot filled products. The hot product is passed through a stainless steel tunnel equipped with a series of nozzles that spray cold water onto the product. A blower and exhaust fan are located at opposite ends of the cooling tunnel to force large volumes of outside air from the machine, enhancing the effect of evaporative cooling. Each section of the Cooling Tunnel has hinged stainless steel doors through which the process can be monitored and the product removed.

The primary source of cooling used is water circulated in each zone of the Cooling Tunnel. New water is added to the system only when the reservoir water exceeds the preset temperature. Evaporative cooling is provided by exhaust fans to cool the circulating water and product.

Yaren Makine Cooling Tunnel is built using modular components that provide ease of transportation and installation, ease of adding or removing lengths for future production requirements, and dividing the cooler into separate zones. The various zones can be designed to cool only or to keep the product at elevated temperature for a certain period of time to provide pasteurization prior to cooling. A medium temperature water zone can be applied to the feed end to prevent thermal shock and cracking in glass containers.