Carboy Capping Machine

It is the machine that comes to the capping machine with the help of a conveyor after the filling process of your carboys and closes the cap automatically.

Our machine has one elevator, one dat huper (setter), one cover way and top press.

It automatically transports the cover box to the huper by being unloaded into the elevator. The lids arranged in the same direction on the huper bring the lid to the mouth of the carboy via the lid way. Carboy takes the lid and knocks the lid with the top pressure conveyor. Thus, the process is completed.

In this system, everything is automatic and automation is done with PLC control. It notifies with audible and light warnings whether there is a cover or not.

The mechanical and body parts of our machine are made of 304 l quality stainless steel.

In terms of capacity, the system can close up to 3000 bottle hours. Thanks to its design, it is a maintenance-free machine, increasing both time and the capacity of the line and reducing your production costs.