Carboy Exterior Washing Machine

It is a machine that allows the cleaning of materials such as mud and sand on the outside of your empty carboys from your dealers.

Although it is ignored, it is the most important machine in the line in our opinion. Because the cleaner the outside of your carboy, the cleaner the cleaning of your inner washing machine will be.

It easily cleans the outside of the carboy thanks to the special nozzles inside the outer washing machine. Optionally, the number of bathrooms can be increased and a heater can be added to the bathrooms.

Thanks to special Italian pumps, it provides trouble-free operation for a long time. Thanks to the channel covering the mouth of the carboy at the top of the carboy outer washing machine, there is absolutely no contact of dirty water with the mouth and inside of the carboy bottle.

Thanks to the conveyor designed for the carboy outer washing machine, it can easily clean especially the bottom parts of the bottles.

Thanks to the system in the outer washing machine, your carboys rotate 360 ​​degrees, leaving no unwashed place on the bottle.

Carboy exterior washing machine is completely made of stainless chrome 304 quality. Other parts used on it comply with food norms.