Carboy Filling Machine

19 Lt PC (Carboy) Filling Machine

-Carboy filling is the machine that performs the filling in a hygienic environment after our machine comes out of the washing machine.
-This machine is manufactured in two ways. These are linear and rotary machines.
-Our most preferred machine is the linear one. Because the ease of use and low maintenance cost of the linear machine are in the foreground.
-Linear filling, the working principle of our machine is to keep the bottles away from external factors and to fill them in a hygienic environment and at the right rate. We provide this hygiene environment thanks to the hepa filters on the machine.
-Another feature that makes the carboy filling machine stand out is our nozzle and valve system. Thanks to this design, we are able to fill the water faster and more homogeneously by not foaming the water during filling.
-Liter setting in our filling machine can be applied very simply.
Thanks to the touch screen via PLC, we can adjust the liters of each nozzle.

– There is a flow meter in each head that controls the nozzles of our filling machine. This not only provides us with ease of use and adjustment, but also gives us the possibility of precise filling.
As the material used in our filling machine, every point that water comes into contact with is 316 l quality stainless and ozone resistant material is used. In addition, the chassis and body part of the machine are completely made of 304 l quality stainless steel.
-PLC group and electronic part of our machine have been applied with omron brand. The machine is an automatic machine thanks to its complete automation control.