Carboy Internal Washing Machine


With the aforementioned project, it is the machine that performs the hygienic washing of 19 lt polycarbonate (PC) recycled carboy bottles in a 5-stage manner. Carboy washing machine can consist of 26 -16 and 10 stations. This carboy washing machine station selection is specially manufactured in line with the customer’s request. Carboy inner washing machine consisting of 5 baths; It consists of a pre-wash bath, detergent bath, rinsing bath, disinfectant bath, and final rinse baths. Carboy washing machine is a fully automatic machine with its inlet, outlet and water intake parts. Our machine is completely made of stainless chrome.

Carboy inner washing machine;

Energy input should be 380 V ±10% voltage value, 3PH+N+PE (3 phase + neutral + ground) and 50/60 Hz frequency.
The supply voltage of auxiliary electrical equipment is 24 V.
The main inlet feed pressure of the machine system should be 6-10 bar. It is necessary to use air in accordance with ISO 8573.1 regulation.
The electrical equipment of the machine consists of an electrical panel, an operator panel with a touch screen, an illuminated signal lamp and various components (boxes, photocells, motors, etc…). The protection degree of the electrical panel is IP 54.
All cables are made of fine-stranded copper conductor, rubber inner and outer sheath. All cable ends will be numbered with plastic rings.


2.1. Internal Washing Machine,

Carboy inner washing machine and inner surface of PC carboy bottles will be subjected to pre-washing, washing with detergent, rinsing, disinfecting and final rinsing, respectively. The machine will consist of 26 washing stations in total.

The prewash bath will consist of 4 stations.

The detergent bath will consist of 9 stations in total. The two stations will consist of a hydrojet system that allows washing the inner surface of the bottles with high pressure. Washing will be done with an internal washing nozzle at one station and filtration will be provided at the last station.
The rinse bath will consist of 4 stations in total. Washing process will be carried out in one station, and filtration will be provided in the other station.

The disinfectant bath will consist of 6 stations in total. Internal washing will be done at the first two stations, and filtration will take place at the last station.
The final rinse bath will consist of 3 stations. Washing will be done at the first station and filtration will take place at the last station.

Machine body, traverse and washing installation will be made of AISI304 stainless steel construction. The levels of the bath volumes will be controlled by sensors. In case of decrease, washing water will be automatically added to the baths from the feeding line.

Pumps used in washing will have a stainless steel body. Pumps will be Ebara or Lowara brand.

Connections in the washing installation are equipped with clamps that provide easy use.
will be done. Other plumbing connections will be provided with butterfly valves. Bottle loading and unloading will take place automatically. Pneumatic equipment will be a CE certified brand. The main drive motor of the washing machine will operate with double speed. It will be variable in both cycles. A mechanical filter will be placed on the inlet line of the washing bath pumps. Bathroom discharges and manhole entrances will be designed in such a way that the operator can easily intervene. Touch control panel will be used. It will be a machine with a control panel and PLC system. The equipment used will be CE certified.